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Packaged Eighths

Jelly Pancakes - 3.5g

Jelly Breath x Pancakes


An overwhelming favorite among many on the Pines team, Jelly Pancakes has a sweet-aroma that packs a punch

Jelly Pancakes 3.5g #2.png

Cherry Diesel - 3.5g

Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel


This energizing strain features a cherry-forward flavor profile with sweet diesel undertones

Cherry Diesel 3.5g_Transparent.png

Tenacious - 3.5g

Gary Payton x Gushers


This combinations of two coveted strains is as pure a hybrid as you can get. It's a perfect blend of energy and relaxation

Tenacious Jar Transparent.png

Half Pint - 3.5g

Runtz x Face Off OG


This strain is a complimenting cross of fruity Runtz with the strong potency of Face Off

Half Pint Jar.png

Lemon Pines - 3.5g

Lemon Splash x Iced Out


This strain tastes & smells like a lemonhead dusted with pine, offering a perfect daytime high

Lemon Pines Jar.png

Biker Gusher - 3.5g

Biker Kush x Gushers


The cross balances each other perfectly with an uplifted yet relaxing experience pairing nicely with its deep lush buds

Biker Gusher #2 (3.5).png

Slushers - 3.5g

Slurricane x Gushers


A true classic, this fruity flavored strain packs a real punch that's debilitative then sedative

Slushers 3.5g #2.png

Grape Pines - 3.5g

Silly String x Iced Out


This blend of indica-dominant hybrids results in a delicious flavor that’s perfect to wind the day down

Grape Pines Jar Transparent.png

King's Chalice - 3.5g

Horchata x 3 King's


King’s Chalice is a holy grail of royalty lineage. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a blast of energy and potency

King's Chalice Jar Transparent.png

Fruit King - 3.5g

Forbidden Fruit x King Sherb


Known for its pungent aroma of earthy, spicy, and cherry notes that will fill the room and leave you flying high

Fruit King Jar.png

Sour Diesel - 3.5g

Guava Runtz - 3.5g

Chemdawg x Super Skunk


Effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting & energizing. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel

Sour Diesel Jar (3.5g) Transparent.png

Guava x Runtz


Guava Runtz has a mouthwatering aroma of tropical fruits, candy, and diesel that will make you salivate

Guava Runtz Jar (3.5g) Transparent.png
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