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Packaged Eighths

Jelly Pancakes - 3.5g

Jelly Breath x Pancakes

An overwhelming favorite among many on the Pines team, Jelly Pancakes has a sweet-aroma that packs a punch

Jelly Pancakes Flower (3.5g).png

White Runtz - 3.5g

Gelato x Zkittlez

This cross of two legendary strains encompasses a sweet flavor profile & frosty buds

White Runtz Flower (3.5g).png

Biker Gusher - 3.5g

Biker Kush x Gushers

The cross balances each other perfectly with an uplifted yet relaxing experience pairing nicely with its deep lush buds

Biker Gusher Flower (3.5g).png

Gushers - 3.5g

Gelato x Triangle Kush

A true classic, this fruity flavored strain packs a real punch that's debilitative then sedative

Gushers Flower (3.5g).png
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